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New video images of 9/11 aircraft said coming soon

Liberty Think | April 12 2005

Transcript of remarks Apr 8, 2005 Audio at archives

About 3 - 3 1/2 weeks ago, we became aware - because it was inserted in a movie - we became aware of some other footage of 9/11 that is not out here spreading around on any of the websites. You know, nobody has picked it apart. Nobody has analyzed it. And we finally found out where that video came from. We tracked down its producer. We tracked down the guy who shot it. We know exactly where he was standing when he shot it. And what got his attention was, of course, the impact on the north tower. He was filming that. And we are talking about some incredibly sharp TV quality video. When he zoomed in on the north tower, you can actually see five people jump out the windows where flames were leaping from those windows. You can actually tell what color slacks they were wearing, what color shirt - you know that type of imaging and that type of clarity. But he just happened to have kept his camera trained on that. He zoomed back out. All of a sudden, here comes streaking in that second plane that impacted the south tower.

When this plane is coming straight overhead in this new video, it is readily apparent that the only thing hanging under this plane anywhere are the two engines hanging under the wings. There is not a rocket pod of any form or fashion. There is something else - if you remember the one video that showed the plane as kind of a dark matte gray? Is it very clear in this image that this plane was very silver, very shiny, and the morning sunshine is glancing off of it. And it is definitely not as advertised. It makes me wonder now. There are two versions of that film. There is actually one version that is shot at 8 frames a second and then all of a sudden, it jumps to 12 frames a second. And then it goes back to 8 frames a second. Somebody has intentionally gone back in and spliced something.