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Engineering Students Conditioned To Help Big Brother

Propaganda Matrix | April 9 2005

RE: Big brother will watch you in the office

Hello Alex and Paul,

With the article "Big Brother will watch you in the Office," there is something I need to share with you.

I am an Electrical Engineering student at a state university. Many of the "Senior Design" projects that they give the students to do here involve Wireless Local Positioning Systems (WLPS) to track workers in the workplace! They are training us to engineer our own slavery!!

This university recently established a lab that's sole purpose is WLPS testing. They give it it's own lab!!! They are conditioning the students that this is the "wave of the future." And the National Science Foundation is sponsoring these projects.

The attached .pdf is an example of one of these research projects. (If you can't open attachments, it is available on my website at

God Bless,
Luke Mounsey