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'The Final Cut' - More Hollywood NWO Propaganda

Propaganda Matrix | April 5 2005

From a reader.....

This weekend I watched "The Final Cut" with Robin Williams. I don't remember this movie when it was released in theaters but I was surprised that I haven't seen or heard anything about it until now.

From the film's website:

"A Zoe Chip is placed in your brain at birth to record your entire life. When you die the footage from your life is edited into a "Rememory" - a film shown at your funeral pieced together by an editor. A toy for the privileged, Zoe Chips are changing the face of human interaction, but there are those who are against this emerging technology, and believe that memories are meant to fade."

As you can conclude from the above synopsis this film is propaganda for the coming implantable chip (Verichip?). It also makes it a point to paint the Zoe chip protesters as "religious crazies".