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Fake Terri Schiavo Autopsy Photos Circulate Internet

Propaganda Matrix | April 4 2005

In what for most seasoned Internet surfers unfortunately won't be a surprise, 'death' websites have been carrying photos of what they claim to be Terri Schiavo during her autopsy procedure.

The photos actually show Lisa McPherson, a woman who died in 1995 from dehydration and starvation in a case many say has links to the occult Church of Scientology.

Not to be outdone in sickness, other 'joke' websites have high Google rankings for pages headlined 'Terri Schiavo death photos' when in actual fact they show monster puppet heads.

Although it is wrong to claim the McPherson photos are those of Terri (despite the similar facial appearance) -the effects of dehydration are clear and very disturbing.

At this time we don't think it is necessary to carry such macabre photos, but anyone can do a Google search and find this material if they so wish.