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Could Minuteman Project Be Infiltrated By Agent Provocateurs?

Propaganda Matrix | April 2 2005

As regular readers will know, we're not exactly Rush Limbaugh's biggest fan. We attacked him vociferously for saying that the Abu Ghraib prison guards were 'just blowing off some steam' when the torture scandal broke.

However, he does sometimes talk some sense.

Limbaugh's website features a transcript where he deconstructs mainstream media bias regarding the Minuteman project.

The Associated Press and others are quoting bias extremist Hispanic groups and labelling the Minutemen as racist crackpots who are looking to confront illegal immigrants.

The fact is that most Hispanics want the borders closed and the Minutemen are just a bunch of men and women with lawn chairs, in many cases watching the border from their own property, not even public land.

The fact that arch-Liberal George W. Bush publicly condemned them in front of world leaders shows that their activities have the Globalists losing sleep.

Limbaugh goes on to raise the possibility that agents might be used to infiltrate the project in order to demonize it in the eyes of the media.

"If you ask me, if some racist crackpots show up, they will be plants. They will be people who will be trying to make themselves look like they're members of the Minutemen in order to discredit the Minutemen.

That's how these things generally work and, of course, the media will obviously be buffaloed and fooled and scammed into believing that the critics were right all along when in fact it may be the critics that end up corrupting the event."

Alex Jones has spoken of this trend before and we will continue to closely monitor the situation as well as blowing the whistle on any agent provocateurs who try and ruin the project.