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Wolfowitz World Bank Appointment About Legitimizing No-Bid Contracts

Prison Planet | April 1 2005

AP SNIP: World Bank Board Approves Wolfowitz

The World Bank's board on Thursday unanimously approved the nomination of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, an architect of the Iraq war, to be the next president of the 184-nation development bank.

President Bush earlier this month surprised the international community by recommending Wolfowitz for the job. Wolfowitz's hard-line foreign policy stance has made him a target of critics at home and abroad. Wolfowitz, 61, will take the helm of the development bank on June 1 to serve a five-year term.


The Wolfowitz appointment is mostly about giving the no-bid contracts a friendly 'internationally recognizable' seal of credibility.

The World Bank dictates that a country needs a certain infrastructure, even if it doesn't and does not have skilled personnel to operate it, then it gives the contracts to Brown and Root, Halliburton etc.

So it's about giving re-building contracts to Neo-Con companies after they've bombed the hell out of Iran and Syria, without all the controversy that they encountered after the Iraq war.

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