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Italian Media Reporting Pope Is Dead


TAA | April 1 2005

Vatican Rome (TAA) -- At the age of 84 the Pope John Paul II has died. A teach of salvation and renewal the Pope taught this is not an end but a beginning.

Vital signs went flat as the body failed from several areas that cascaded. The Vatican Radio has yet to cofirm this to the faithful listeners.

Beloved by all who was faithfull to his duties to be a servant. He led his life as an example to his congregation to serve as God would lead them.

This was not a day of dread but this is a dayof triumph to celebrate life and the gifts from God.

St. Peter's square fills as the news has digitally echoed throughout the world as we listened to the news that the Popes EKG went flat. He has slipped into eternity.

Italy National News has confirmed the Pope has passed on.

Team Amber Alert News will celebrate this news as we believe there is not any reason to dread his passing. He was a great man who did all for others. 84 years of service and prayerfull confirmation that religion has a place in our world to bring positive change with service.

Dedication and volunteerism have revitalized the Catholic Church that has been purging itself evil doers while bringing healing to the clergy and the People of the Church in Rome.

Pope John Paul II showed all in good measure how to live and has now also shown us how to die with Great Dignity and with a Great Hope.

St. Peter's Square is filling to capacity. Vatican is now begining the process to care for Pope John Paul II funeral. The Leaders of the Church will soon begin the process of seeking the next Pope for Rome.

Our condolences to those in the Catholic Church, all here will miss this great man.