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The "I'm Offended" Germ Seems To Have Infected Everyone

Chuck Baldwin | April 1 2005

Never in my life have I witnessed a generation of people so easily offended. It's an epidemic! Furthermore, the "I'm offended" disease has infected virtually everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, or political persuasion. Everyone, it seems, has come down with the malady.

In fact, some people seem to make their living at being offended. While we argue the varying degrees of victimization on the part of those who have suffered loss at the hands of violent criminals, one thing seems to be accepted without argument: no one has the right to offend anybody!

For example, Blacks are offended by the Confederate Flag. Whites are offended if someone suggests there might be inequities in court sentences for black people. Hispanics are offended if they are asked to speak English. Women are offended if someone suggests they are nature's nurturers. At the same time, men are offended if they are told it is their job to discipline their children.

Neither does one's religion insulate them from the "I'm offended" sickness. Evangelicals are offended at Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ" because Mel is a Roman Catholic. Catholics are offended when one (rightly) credits the founding of America by mostly Christian Protestants. Mormons are offended when people refuse to accept their doctrines into the mainstream of Christianity. Not to be outdone, Evangelicals are offended when Mormons do a better job at evangelizing than they do.

Furthermore, liberals and conservatives suffer equally from the "I'm offended" plague. Liberals are offended if anyone dares suggest that women do not have a constitutional right to kill their unborn babies. Meanwhile, conservatives are offended if anyone dares suggest that there is no constitutional right for a U.S. President to attack and kill people in other countries absent a Declaration of War from Congress and legitimate threat by that country against America.

Neither does age seem to make a difference. Elderly people are offended if someone says they drive too slow and need to get out of the passing lane. All the while, young people are offended if they are told their music is too loud and that normal people really don't want to see their underwear hanging out.

When it comes to politicians, the only time conservatives or liberals seem to get upset with misconduct or maleficence of those in office is when it is committed by the other party's leaders. In fact, the only time they are not offended is when it is their own leaders who are guilty.

It is also more than interesting that this writer has received "I'm offended" rebukes from both liberals and conservatives, whites and blacks, Mormons and Evangelicals, men and women, Republicans and Democrats, as well as national leaders from among the secular left and from the Religious Right. I guess you could say that while I'm not personally infected with the "I'm offended" virus, I appear to be a carrier.