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Man Electroshocked For Trying To Get Home During Cheney Visit

Propaganda Matrix | April 1 2005

PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS SNIP: Those three "No Blood for Oil" types turned away from the Bush rally in Denver last week may have had their civil rights abused -- but at least they didn't try to get around the presidential motorcade.

They could have gotten some impromtu electroshock therapy.

That's what happened to an unfortunate soul here in the Philly area on Monday, when police wouldn't let him and his son drive the last half-block to his house or park his car and walk. The reason? Their street was blocked for Dick Cheney's motorcade, on his way to a fundraising event for Bucks County GOP congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

Some words were exchanged, and the next thing you know Jay Saddington, of Warwick, Pa., was zapped with 50,000 volts from a police stun gun.

The apparently very threatening Saddington is 68 years old.

"I'm a fairly respectable citizen, and they treated me like I was a bank robber or killer," Saddington said. "I was really bent out of shape about this whole thing."


This Al-Qaeda member should consider himself lucky he wasn't arrested as a terrorist and flown to Guantanamo Bay on the 'torture jet'.

In comparison to Dick Cheney these people are vermin and should treat out glorious leaders with more respect.

Dick Cheney is universally liked by every American because they understand that he is better than them in every way.

Just because they closed off all the streets and set up no protest zones doesn't mean that anyone actually opposes Cheney.

Don't question authority.

Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself.