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Taliban Down American Chopper In Paktia

Jihad Unspun | April 22 2004

Pakistan’s Urdu news agencies Daily Islam and Jaserat are both reporting this morning an unconfirmed report that suggest that Taliban have bought down an American helicopter in the Maidan Kula area of Paktia, killing two American soldiers, including a pilot. The model of helicopter is not yet known, but it is believed to be an attack helicopter that carried only two passengers on board, one pilot and a gunner.

B-52 bombers are said to have later arrived at the scene and bombed the wreckage of the aircraft as is the American practice. The helicopter was apparently on a routine patrol when Mujahideen successfully targeted it from the surrounding hilliside. Eyewitnesses among the local residents claimed to have seen the wreckage of the helicopter. More details to follow as soon as possible.