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Taliban Kill “Dozens” Of Coalition Forces, More MIA’s Reported

Jihad Unspun | April 12 2004

In different operations around Afghanistan, Taliban Mujahideen have reportedly killed dozens of American and ANA troops, while many others are missing in action (MIA). Numerous vehicles have also been destroyed as the conflict with the Afghanistan intensified last week.

In Helmand, Coalition and ANA was busy in an anti Taliban operation in Sangin when they were ambushed by Taliban Mujahideen. The resulting firefight lasted for several hours with one American and 3 ANA soldiers reported killed. Six others were reported and two of those are said to also be American. Three Taliban were martyred in the battle.

Kandahar was also the scene of fighting as Taliban launched rockets at an American base located there. Eyewitnesses report that the rockets numbered in the dozens and severely damaged the base. According to the security chief for Kandahar, General Salim, the attack took place on Thursday morning and the massive attack confused the soldiers, spreading chaos throughout the base. Salim refused to release any casualty figures. The base was previously the operational headquarters of Taliban Supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

In Ouruzgan, Taliban used a landmine to destroy a vehicle killing one ANA soldier and wounding the other.

Meanwhile, an attack on Voalition forces near the Pak-Afghan border has resulted in some soldiers missing in action. The convoy included seven vehicles, five that are now reported missing along with their troops. The convoy was in Ghazni conducting an anti Taliban and Al-Qaida operation when it was ambushed with rockets and grenades. Independent sources have confirmed that only two vehicles arrived at the base, and the whereabouts of the other five vehicles are not known. Later on massive bombing by American planes bombed the area following the attack but no casualties have been reported.

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