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Was the Falluja Slaughter a Set-up?

Rumor Mill News | April 2 2004

I received a phone call from a source. He told me that the four men who were killed in Fallujah were working as contract agents for the CIA. Three were Navy SEALS and one was Delta Force (I think... I can't remember for sure. This is a Source I can't call back to check on facts)

I sat on this info all day yesterday and today wondering if I should post it. I was finally able to track down another man who could confirm what I had been told.

I asked him if I should post it, he said, "Hell yes!! Someone on the inside did this. Someone in DC gave them up! Post this. You've got readers inside government. If they DON't know this, then TELL THEM!!

"Not ONE of our undercover contractors is safe in IRAQ. They are being ratted out! If someone doesn't do something to expose and deal with the traitors, we are going to see MORE of this. This was NOT something that happened on the spur of the moment. These people did not just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were followed, hunted and finally slaughtered!

They knew what could happen when they volunteered. But they never planned on their own side betraying them!"

The General below promised an overwhelming response to this horror. If my sources are correct, the General needs to start looking for the responsible ones in the Pentagon, the White House and/or Langley!

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