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Footprints of New 9/11 Seen in Markets Says Top Analyst

Gulu Future | April 1st 2004

A leading market analyst says he has spotted suspicious trading in gold and the dollar --which could herald an imminent huge terror event in the Middle-East or Europe.

Jim Sinclair says he can see the footprints of a new 9/11 in recent trading. Sinclair says that as soon as the spiritual leader of the terror group Hamas was killed by Israeli forces, he began to see a pattern of market intervention which means that some new group or strategy is in play on world markets

Many informed insiders recall the suspicious trading in airline stocks just before 9/11 --trading which was never properly investigated at the time. Sinclair remembers it well. He is a former advisor to the Hunt Oil family and a world reknowned expert on the gold markets.

The intervention is driving up both the dollar and gold. Sinclair fears it is designed to benefit from an unthinkable event in the Middle East or Europe which triggers a flight into dollars and gold. and drives the price of oil to at least $60 if not higher. The picture his analysis paints, leaves Sinclair scared to death.

He wants the CIA or the NSA to chart the unique footprint now active in the dollar, and see if matches the airline options trading just before 9/11.

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