Chavez: We will not invade any nation

Press TV
Tuesday, Sept 30, 2008

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country, which plans a joint war game with Russia, will not engage in acts of aggression toward anyone.

"We are not going to invade anyone, or engage in acts of aggression toward anyone," AFP quoted Chavez as saying.

Last week, a Russian naval squadron sailed for the Caribbean Sea in preparation for the joint exercises - Russia's largest naval maneuvers in the Caribbean since the Cold War.

"The Russian fleet has already departed... and should arrive in Venezuela at the end of November for maneuvers to increase our defense capability," Chavez noted.

The exercises are expected amid stepped-up Russian-Venezuelan military ties and Moscow's offer to help Caracas with its nuclear program. President Chavez has welcomed the proposal, saying there was already a commission working on it.

Russia and Venezuela, which share strained US relations in common, have signed arms contracts worth more than $4.4 billion over the last three years to provide Caracas with fighter jets, helicopters, and Kalashnikov assault rifles.


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