Four killed in Lebanon army bus blast

Omar Ibrahim
Sunday, Sept 29, 2008

Four people were killed on Monday in a car bomb blast targeting a military bus on the outskirts of the restive northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli, security and military officials said.

The attack risks further undermining stability in the troubled country and efforts to reconcile rival political factions.

"Three of the casualties were soldiers," as were 24 of the 30 wounded, a military official told AFP.

Earlier, a security official had said six people were killed in the attack, the second deadly bombing targeting the Lebanese military in two months.

The bomb, placed under a parked car at the southern entrance to the city, was packed with nuts and bolts and police suspect the device was detonated by remote control.

It blew up as the bus was heading towards the capital Beirut during morning rush-hour, a military spokesman said. There were about 24 passengers on board.

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