Rise in 'stop and search' complaints

Thursday, Sept 25, 2008

The number of complaints made about "stop and search" incidents has risen by nearly a quarter.

Police forces in England and Wales received 536 complaints about stop and search in the last financial year, up from 434, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said.

Opponents of stop and search say it unfairly targets minority groups, but the recent spate of high-profile knife crimes has led to greater use of the powers.

Figures released earlier this year showed police carried out 955,000 stop and searches in 2006/07, up 9 per cent.

Black people are seven times more likely to be stopped as white people, Ministry of Justice statistics showed.

The overall number of complaints against the police remained steady, after rises in recent years.

The 43 forces received 28,963 complaints, ranging from impoliteness to assault.

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