Now Europe wants us to keep headlights on ALL day - inflating fuel costs by up to £160 a year

Ray Massey
Daily Mail
Thursday, Sept 25, 2008

Drivers face paying up to £160 a year more for fuel because of an EU directive forcing them to keep their headlamps on all day.

The European Commission wants all new passenger cars and vans to have lights that stay on while the engine is running.

It is estimated that this will increase fuel consumption by around 5 per cent.

The directive, which is being sent to the European Parliament for final approval, would come into force in February 2011.

Truck and bus manufacturers would have an extra 18 months to meet the new specifications.

Timothy Kirkhope, Tory transport spokesman in the European Parliament, said daylight running could make roads more dangerous.

'If all cars have lights on, there is a concern that drivers start looking out for lights, rather than pedestrians or cyclists,' he said.

'At a time when we are pushing for reductions in the use of fuel and resultant emissions, we must be certain we are not causing extra carbon emissions without an additional benefit.'

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