Monsanto's Dangerous Herbicide Will Generate $1.8 Billion in Profits
Tuesday, Sept 23, 2008

Monsanto's Chief Financial Officer Terry Crews has said that Monsanto's Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides are on track to bring in above $1.9 billion of gross profit for the 2008 fiscal year, ahead of the previous forecast. At the same time, the company's seed corn business should exceed $2 billion in gross-profit generation for the first time, meaning that their herbicides are earning almost as much as their seeds

But Roundup-tolerant weeds -- so-called "superweeds" -- are on the rise. Eventually, farmers will have to shift away from Roundup because it will no longer be functional.

Few companies seem to be paying attention to this built-in problem with herbicides, however. Bayer is rolling out a new line of herbicide-tolerant seeds designed to withstand doses of Bayer's glufosinate herbicide.


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