Ahmadinejad warns Iran will 'break hands' of invaders

Monday, Sept 22, 2008

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Sunday that the nation's military will "break the hands" of invaders if attacked, as the war of words over its nuclear ambitions intensified.

"If anyone allows themselves to invade Iranian territory and its legal interests... our armed forces will break their hands before they pull the trigger," Ahmedinejad told a military parade.

"Our nation is seeking friendship and peace... but today it is not in a position to show the least flexibility towards its bullying enemies," he said in the speech marking the 28th anniversary of Iran's 1980-1988 war with Iraq.

In Israel, former army chief Moshe Yaalon told military radio that Iran threatens the West in the same way Adolf Hitler once did and that if economic and political sanctions fail conflict will be "inevitable."

"Today, we in the West are facing the same situation, the lack of decisiveness towards a threat that is no less severe than that which Hitler posed in 1939," he said.

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