Colbert: 'How dare you' ask questions of a POW?

Wednesday, Sept 17, 2008

"Folks, I've never been a fan giving answers," a satirical Stephen Colbert opened. "And you want to know why? ...Too bad."

The Bush administration, he said, has "avoided giving answers to the American people by claiming executive privilege, ignoring subpoenas, feigning ignorance, and mesmerizing critics with the power of dance.

But now there is so much talk of change in the air these days that my fear is that the next administration will have to give answers. Luckily, John McCain and Sarah Palin are bringing the best possible kind of change. They're not only saying they won't give answers -- they're saying you can't ask questions."

"McCain himself is famously reticent about his Vietnam experience," Colbert added. "He only mentions it when people ask unrelated questions." A helpful "Mad Lib," as provided by the McCain campaign, reads: "How dare you question John McCain on (noun that's bothering you). When he was a POW, he didn't have (same noun)."

A new dimension to McCain's "unquestionability" has been added to his campaign now that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has joined the ticket, with pundits and anchors calling "sexism."

"It is sexist," Colbert said of questioning the Governor. "And we should know -- we've been feminists for over two weeks now!"

The entire segment is available to view below, as broadcast on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report on September 15, 2008.


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