Chavez lauds Russian military exercise

Press TV
Wednesday, Sept 17, 2008

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has praised a military exercise with Russian strategic bombers and announced plans to travel to Moscow.

Last week Chavez announced the landing of two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers in Venezuela.

During a press conference at the presidential palace in Caracas on Tuesday, he expressed approval of the military exercise, calling it a “marvelous” success.

It was the first time such aircraft have landed in the West since the Cold War ended. The two countries also plan to hold joint military exercises later this year.

Meanwhile, during a visit to Caracas, Russian Vice President Igor Sechin noted that Venezuela is an important partner for Russia with regard to techno-military cooperation, adding a great technological exchange is taking place between the two countries.

Sechin is in Venezuela to discuss agreements to strengthen political and economic relations between the two countries which are aimed at promoting the “multi-polar” world recently discussed by Venezuelan Vice President Ramon Carrizalez.

Carrizalez, who has been reviewing various economic and technological partnerships, criticized the US for trying to undermine peaceful relations between the two allied nations.

Although he has not formally accepted an invitation extended on behalf of the Russian government by Sechin during his visit, President Chavez says he will be going to Russia after his visit to China.


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