Republican convention protesters investigated for arson at Texas governor's mansion

McClatchy newspapers
Friday, Sept 12, 2008

Two protesters accused of taking explosive devices to Minnesota to disrupt the Republican National Convention are being investigated for possible links to this summer's still unsolved blaze at the Texas governor's mansion.

Department of Public Safety officials won't say whether the men - 22-year-old David McKay and 23-year-old Bradley Crowder - are suspects in the June 8 arson, which gutted the governor's mansion.

But a high-ranking state law enforcement official said today that the men, who remain in custody in Minnesota and stand accused of manufacturing Molotov cocktails for use at last week's convention, are under investigation in Texas.

Texas officials have video surveillance of a young man lighting a Molotov cocktail and using it to set the governor's mansion on fire.

The official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because the probe is on-going, said there were "enough similar characteristics in the two cases to justify a review".

Minnesota attorney Jeff Degree said he hasn't heard of any Texas investigators meeting with McKay, his client, and that they haven't spoken about the governor's mansion case. When asked whether McKay admitted to producing Molotov cocktails for the Republican convention, Degree declined to answer.

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