Apocalypse Now? The New Big Bang

Sky News
Wednesday, Sept 10, 2008

Scientists in Geneva have begun the world's most expensive experiment - one which could finally solve the mysteries of the Big Bang.

The first beam of protons, which are one of the building blocks of atoms, has successfully completed its maiden journey through the 17mile tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

It is with this beam that scientists hope to capture an image of the conditions that existed a billionth of a second after the start of the universe.

It has been called the largest science experiment since Apollo sent its astronauts to the Moon, and the mood at the Cern Research Centre was something akin to Mission Control.

Scientists young and old were gathered around clusters of computer terminals in front of large screens nervously contemplating the culmination of a decade of preparation.

Nothing at the centre has been left to chance. Not least the level of secrecy seemingly necessary in the world of particle physics.

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