NKorea to stage massive parade to mark anniversary

Tuesday, Sept 9, 2008

North Korea was to mark its 60th anniversary Tuesday with a massive military parade, amid international fears that it is trying to restart its nuclear weapons programme.
The republic, virtually the last outpost of Cold War-era communism, vowed to strengthen its armed forces despite acute food shortages and a foundering economy.

"There is no limit to the ideological and mental power of the military and the people united firmly under their leader," said Rodong Sinmun, newspaper of the ruling party.

"We should continue to make utmost efforts to strengthen the military power of our republic," the editorial said, adding that it became a peerless military power with "a strong war deterrent" due to Kim Jong-Il's leadership.

The "war deterrent" is a reference to the nuclear programme which the North promised to shut down after an atomic weapons test in 2006.

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