250 protesters arrested before McCain speech

Andy Sullivan
Friday, Sept 5, 2008

Police arrested 250 anti-war protesters on Thursday shortly before John McCain accepted the Republican presidential nomination at the party's convention a short distance away.

The peaceful protest, dubbed "No Peace for the Warmakers," drew nearly 1,000 people who had planned to march to the downtown convention hall where the Republicans met.

Marchers chanted "Who is the terrorist? McCain is the terrorist" as they tried to cross several bridges that span Interstate 94 into downtown St. Paul, but were blocked by police.

After several standoffs, police in riot gear ordered the protesters to disperse. The group marched away from the convention, at one point trying to walk onto the highway.

Officers used flash grenades and teargas after two hours to herd them onto a bridge one mile from the convention hall.

"You are all under arrest," a police officer told the crowd as officers on horseback and bicycles advanced.

While McCain spoke to a cheering Republican crowd downtown, police escorted the handcuffed protesters onto waiting city buses.

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