Police to fight crime with stink bombs and Spiderman nets

Ben Farmer
London Telegraph
Friday, Sept 5, 2008

Home Office scientists have evaluated exotic hi-tech weapons allowing officers to tackle violent and dangerous suspects without resorting to firearms or truncheons.

The department's Scientific Development Branch, which acts as a James Bond-style Q Branch for the police, has been examining "less lethal technologies" for nine years. It was responsible for the introduction of the Taser stun gun four years ago.

In a new report into the weapons, the branch outlines developments including guns which could encase criminals in sticky foam and entangling, electric shock nets.

However, not all of the weapons impressed the department's scientists and some police officers have warned they risk being overburdened by equipment.

The Less Lethal Technologies report concluded foul-smelling chemicals "could be used to deter crowds, although they are unlikely to prevent a determined assailant". The report acknowledged there could be "issues around decontamination following deployment, especially in residential or heavily populated areas".

Heat rays and infra-red laser guns can also be used to disperse crowds by causing great discomfort without any permanent injury.

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