N.Korea seen reassembling nuclear facility

Tuesday, Sept 3, 2008

North Korea has begun reassembling its Yongbyon reactor that can make material for atomic bombs in violation of U.S. conditions for improved diplomatic relations, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

Fox, quoting U.S. officials, did not give details of the work nor did it cite a North Korean source, but said in its story on its website the North Koreans likely are protesting what it called a U.S. delay in removing the country from its list of terrorist-sponsoring nations.

North Korea said on August 26 it would cease disabling its nuclear facilities and accused the United States of violating a disarmament deal.

"They've been threatening this move for some time," one U.S. official told Fox, adding that until now the threats were seen as merely a way for North Korean officials "to express their anger".

Even now, piecing the facility back together is seen as a "symbolic gesture" because so much already has been taken apart, Fox reported.

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