Moscow pyramid gives out good vibrations

Russia Today
Tuesday, Sept 2, 2008

A new age healing trend, which has its foundations in ancient Egypt, is springing up in Russia. Visitors are flocking to a fibreglass pyramid in the Moscow region to absorb what its architect claims is positive energy. He says the magic construction even makes criminals more humane.

The 44-metre high pyramid has been built without a single piece of metal. It is the tallest one of the two dozen designed and built by Russian inventor Aleksandr Golod.

He says a pyramid’s shape brings harmony to people and objects surrounding it.

“If we put a distorting mirror in a room, it will change the space of this room. Due to various processes in the universe, the space we inhabit is distorted as in a mirror. The pyramid abolishes these curves. It makes our space harmonic and everything that happens within this space changes in a harmonic way,” Aleksandr says.

Aleksandr adds that his theories have a sound scientific basis with results of experiments backing it up.

For instance, four pyramids were built in an oil field in the Russian Republic of Bashkiria, and tests showed that the thickness of the fuel fell by a quarter

There were experiments in a penitentiary facility. Six thousand prisoners were given salt that was kept in a pyramid for several weeks.

“We put crystals from this pyramid all around this penitentiary. And after 11 months, the mortality rate fell 3.5 times, and fewer crimes were committed in this prison. The guards say the prisoners have become more humane,” Aleksandr says.


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