Afghans protest deaths of civilian children

Muriel Kane
Raw Story
Tuesday, Sept 2, 2008

Military operations led by the United States in Afghanistan are being blamed for an increasing number of civilian deaths. These accusations have been called into question, and NATO recently claimed that Taliban supporters are planning to spread false stories of civilian deaths in southern Afghanistan.

Now residents of the Hud Kheil area in the eastern quarter of Kabul say that US special forces and Afghan troops carried out a 1 am raid last night, killing a man and two of his sons, one of whom was eight months old, by throwing a hand grenade into the bedroom where they were sleeping.

A relative of the dead boys told Reuters, “These Christians entered into the hourse last night and they threw hand grenades on this bedroom and killed three family members. They killed kids sleeping in their beds. Are these children al-Qaeda or Taliban? Do they have guns to fight? Why should they be killed? This proves that these Americans, these Christians are here to kill a generation of Afghans.”

Hundreds of protesters blocked a road on Monday to protest over the deaths. US special forces have denied any involvement, but NATO is investigating the reports.

This video is from Reuters, broadcast September 1, 2008.


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