Chinese Communist Media Fabricates Interview to Slander Voice of Germany

Shi Yu
Epoch Times
Monday, Sept 1, 2008

On August 28, the Chinese communist regime’s mouthpiece fabricated words by Zhang Danhong, the vice chairman of Voice of Germany (VOG)’s Chinese Department who was suspended from broadcasting because of her pro-communist comments. did not conduct any interview with Zhang. In addition, the article claimed to cite a German Focus Magazine reporter “with a Falun Gong background,” who has no connection with Falun Gong. claimed, in a report entitled, “A Reporter From ‘Voice of Germany’ Suspended For Being Pro-China,” that a reporter called Zhang Danhong herself, and confirmed that VOG held a meeting to condemn her on the afternoon of August 26. Zhang was suspended from broadcasting because of her pro-communist comments. VOG explained this was because Zhang didn’t protect the democracy, freedom and human rights values that VOG has always worked to protect.

The Epoch Times learned that before published this report, Zhang did not accept the interview with at all. In the report by Xinhua, it was also mentioned that the VOG requested that she should not accept interviews from outside media while she was under a suspension.

Further Distortions by
According to, Falun Gong has been continuously adopting all sorts of measures to deal with Zhang, and pressured VOG to punish her. The report also claimed that on August 9, a German Focus Magazine reporter, “with a Falun Gong background,” wrote an article about an “Internal Affairs Spokesperson” of the Social Democratic Party of Germany solemnly criticizing Zhang.

According to information obtained by The Epoch Times, the reporter from Focus Magazine is not a Falun Gong practitioner, and does not have any Falun Gong background.

Four days before the Beijing Olympics, in an interview with Radio Germany, Zhang claimed that the Chinese communist regime has made “more contributions than any other political power in the world” to implement the third article of the Universal Declaration. Of Human Rights. (Note: The third article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.”)

She found excuses for Beijing’s ban on “Free Tibet” and Falun Gong related web sites, and also claimed that, “even in Germany, child pornography or extreme right-wing party web sites are blocked.”

In the article by, more comments made by Zhang were reported, including, one saying that after the Chinese communist regime killed Tibetans, Zhang “Often showed up at various forums and TV programs in Germany,” criticizing the Western world for censuring the Chinese communist regime “with an attitude of standing above all.” Zhang also criticized the German Chancellor for her meeting with the Dalai Lama, saying that it “damaged former decent Sino-Germany relations.” In addition, Zhang praised the Chinese communist regime for having “done a large amount of work to protect Tibetan culture.”

Zhang was suspended from broadcasting because of her pro-communist comments, which VOG explained went against the values of democracy, freedom and human rights that VOG has always protected.

However, in the report by, Zhang’s cover up of the Chinese communist regime’s persecution of human rights was disguised as Zhang speaking out for China. The purpose was to hide the true reason for Zhang’s suspension.

In addition, criticized the German media for claiming that the Beijing Olympics was a political show—“Behind the luxury scenes, hides the bloody suppression over Tibetans.” When the TV broadcast of the Olympics closing ceremony showed Tiananmen Square, German TV 2’s commentator commented, “Don’t forget, on this square a massacre once happened.”

China expert Sima Tai pointed out that while the Chinese communist regime’s mouthpiece attacks German media, it has actually disclosed many scandals of its own, so it wants to slander Falun Gong practitioners to switch people’s focus. intentionally mixed “Chinese Communist regime” with “China,” and secretively changed “Chinese Communist regime” to “China” when quoting Western media’s criticism, to make it seem like the Western media’s is criticizing China or the Chinese people.

It is as Wang Qianyuan, a Duke University student who was physically attacked early this year for disagreeing with Chinese students protesting against Tibetans. The Western world said: “The Chinese communist regime always bundles the party, nation, government and people together, it is playing a psychological game. It has always been instilling this in people.”

She said, “Loving the country doesn’t equal loving the party; nor does it equal loving the government. True, meaningful love for the country is for the improvement of the country.”

Sima Tai said that the Chinese communist regime has continually been taking advantage of nationalism to incite Chinese people’s hatred against Western world.


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