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Police to Install Surveillance Cameras on Liberty St.

Fox 8 | September 30 2006

"Big Brother" will soon be watching in Winston-Salem. The city's police department confirmed to FOX8 it was planning to secretly install surveillance cameras.

In the 1400 to 1700 block of Liberty Street, the plan is not so secret anymore, but the cameras are still going to be installed. And that's getting a mixed reaction in the neighborhood.

"At night, I can't even tell you, I don't even be here," said Donald Weaks, barber. "At 6 p.m., I'm out."

At D'Ambiance Hair Studio, they always welcome new customers but discourage others.

"Don't nobody want to feel afraid coming to get your hair done -- feel like you can't get out your car and park," said Weaks.

But in reality, crime is a problem on this section of Liberty Street and the police department is stepping in. A new surveillance camera will be installed to watch the neighborhood around the clock.

"I don't think it's going to stop crime, but it will slow it down," said Weaks. "That makes me not have to worry about nobody stealing my clippers. I went on a cruise, and I came back and my clippers was gone."

Traffic cameras are already installed in the city, but Weaks agrees that surveillance cameras for people may discourage certain activity.

"If there's a camera there people are going to be very cautious about what they are doing," said Weaks. "They might come around, but they ain't going to do what they want to do."

The camera will be able to pan, tilt and zoom just like traffic cameras.

"Like I say, I don't cause no problems, so I don't care," said Weaks. "All they'll see is me walking away."

According to Winston-Salem Police Chief Pat Norris, the camera will be installed in the near future. If it works out, police may install more cameras in other high crime areas of the city.


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