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Daily Show examines Bush power to legalize torture

You Tube | September 28 2006

Close inspection of a compromise bill on detainee rights shows that the only The President of the United States will have the ability to define which detainee interrogation techniques are legal under the Common Article 3 of The Geneva Conventions. Harsh interrogation techniques such as waterboarding and stress position are considered forms of torture by many experts. However, the compromise reached be Republicans in the Senate gives the Bush Administration the power to legalize questionable form of torture interrogations.

In following video report, Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, highlights statements by Secretary Condoleeza Rice. In an interview with The New York Post, Rice attempted to cast doubt on President Clinton's claim that the Clinton administration passed plans to the Bush Administration for combating Al Aqeda. Jon Stewart concludes that Rice's attempted smearing of Bill Clinton may be be less than truthful.


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