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Fetzer on Fox: An Exercise in Futility

Kurt Nimmo | September 28 2006

I’m not sure why Jim Fetzer continues to appear on Fox News. Maybe because he can insert a few words of truth between the talk-over of the stark raving fascist Sean Hannity and his “liberal” quisling, Alan Colmes.

However, I find it an exercise in futility, as the only reason Fox invites Fetzer is to make him look like a fifth columnist in league with Osama and his cave dwellers.

During Fetzer’s latest appearance, both Hannity and Colmes asked questions and then would not allow Fetzer to answer. It was a typical frame-up job, a Fox News specialty, but Jim Fetzer is far too sharp to be led down such a cul-de-sac where a hit-and-run lurks.

Recall the hapless Sami al-Arian making the mistake of appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s show, only to be soon thereafter arrested and charged as a terrorist, an absurd charge that garnered the former university professor a prison sentence (57 months followed by deportation). As if to add insult to long term injury, al-Arian will be summoned to testify before a grand jury about an Islamic think tank in Virginia, a violation of his plea agreement, not that such things matter in America these days.

Hannity attempted to link Fetzer with Vanderbilt University visiting professor of divinity James Lawson, who recently declared “slavery, racism, and Native American genocide inspired the 9/11 attacks.” Fetzer was obliged to agree, as obviously any nation has a pile of awful stinky historical laundry, although Sean Hannity, essentially an apologist for mass murder and more of the same, would never agree, thus once again demonstrating not only his oafishness, but incredible stupidity as well. Moreover, Hannity attempted to get Fetzer to admit to brainwashing students with conspiracy theories, even though he knows, or should know, Fetzer is retired.

Nearly two years ago, Alan Colmes’ producer emailed me, asking if I’d appear on his radio show. I sent back and email not only declining the offer, but took the opportunity to characterize Colmes as a token “liberal,” even though his political stance is best characterized as dish water neoconism. Alan took exception, fired back an angry email defending his liberalism. However, this evening, as he grilled Fetzer, and displayed his incredulity that our wonderful government would actually kill innocent Americans (will somebody point Mr. Colmes to the Northwoods document), Alan Colmes once again demonstrated he is a useful idiot-liberal, albeit a nicely remunerated idiot-liberal.


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