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John Boehner Still Believes Saddam Was Tied To 9/11 And Had WMD

Crooks and Liars | September 28 2006

On Hardball this afternoon, House Majority Leader John Boehner was asked questions about Iraq. Boehner insisted that Saddam had WMD and that we just "haven’t found them yet". Boehner also states that Saddam was supporting the terrorists for 9/11 and was "providing cover" for the training camps in Iraq.

Matthews was in shockingly good form during this interview. He would not back down from Boehner and in turn Boehner came off like a bumbling idiot. Boehner says that we will listen to the generals on the ground in Iraq, and Matthews responded by asking him why the generals come out and talk about how bad things are in Iraq once they retire. Boehner refused to answer that question.

Update: John Amato from an email:

After Bush Dismisses National Intelligence Estimate, Boehner Alleges Saddam-al Qaeda-9/11 Link: Despite No Evidence to Support his Claim or Any Expert to Agree With Him, Boehner Puts Saddam and al Qaeda in Cahoots Before 9/11…


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