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Sixty-Four Percent of Chinese Do Not Want to Be Chinese In Their Next Life

Xiao Xin / Epoch Times | September 21 2006

China Netease, one of China's most popular Internet portals, held a survey on the subject "If there were a next life, would you like to be a Chinese." 64 percent of Internet surfers answered that they "would not like to be a Chinese again next life." The survey sparked vigourous discussions, but now the web page has been shut down.

10,234 people participated in the Netease survey, which ran from September 4 to September 10. Sixty-four percent of those surveyed "would not like to be a Chinese again next life." The survey was scheduled to run until October 11, but the web page was closed prematurely, the web survey page, http://culture.163.com/special/00280030/duchinese.html became unavailable ahead of the closing date.

Apple Daily reported that Netease news channel editor Tang Yan and commentary channel editor Liu Xianghui were abruptly dismissed on September 16, without any explanation, but outsiders believe it is related to the web survey.

According to the web page, Netease's Culture page ten possible explanations in the survey; five were "woulds" and five "would nots." Of the five "would not" options, the most popular selection was "Would not, because Chinese lack human dignity," which accounted for 37.5 percent of the survey; another 17.6 percent chose "Would not, because people are unable to afford a house in China; happiness is so elusive for me."

Among the 6.8 percent of the survey participants that chose "Would like to be a Chinese again," the majority voted for "Would like to, because I love my country; there is no other reason." Only 1.7 percent of the participants chose "Would like to, because rapid economic development makes the prospect of living in China favorable."

The majority of the participants who expressed unwillingness to be a Chinese indicated: "Although I love China, China does not love me." With regards to the mainland's present social system, they harbor ill feelings for perceiving a future without any hope, and regard the present age as the most degraded era in Chinese history; there is no faith, no morality, no sincerity, no love, but only ignorance, hypocrisy, indifference, treachery and deceit. The Internet participants even expressed a willingness to be born in Hong Kong, because there are no human rights in China, only dictatorship and suppression of the people's voice.

With respect to this survey, Epoch Times special correspondent Wang Yifeng indicated: "This survey is a slap in the face to the 'great, glorious and righteous' living standards that the Chinese Communist Party has always boasted."

Wang also believes that a great and once magnificent nation in history, is now tragically enslaved by the external evil spirit of Marx and Lenin. For people who are trapped within this regime, the only way to obtain freedom is to emigrate. The overwhelming majority of people who are unable to emigrate can only place their hopes on the next life. This is the tragedy of the Chinese people.


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