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Top 1% OWNS MORE THAN bottom 90%

The Truth Will Set You Free | September 19 2006

And these figures are decades old! Today, America's wealth is FAR more concentrated than ever before.

Now, you know - not only WHO owns America, but WHO our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, and mothers and fathers fight and DIE for.

This isn't just another statistic to gawk at and bemoan your existence - this is THE UGLY TRUTH about a nation that's been DUPED into having faith in an instrument that does NOTHING but transfer HOARDS of wealth from the naive and trusting masses to the cynical and miserly elite.

It's the privatized and monopolized monetary system (and the corrupted tax system built around it) that we owe this OBSCENE absurdity to.


We have been and continue to be HAD every time we use that filthy and debased legal standard which we commonly call 'THE DOLLAR'.

If you haven't already - watch America: from Freedom to Fascism and please PASS IT ON.

Things will NEVER change until people understand exactly HOW they're being screwed. It's not enough to know WHO's screwing you - you need to know HOW they're screwing you!

No matter how often they repeat it - ours will NEVER be a 'free- market', merit-based system - it's an incredibly corrupt system based first and foremost on COMPLETE CONTROL and GREED.

If knowledge is power, then communication is key.

Never underestimate your power to change the world - but, you can only do it if you try.


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