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Video: Daily Show rips Robert Novak

David Edwards / Raw Story | September 19 2006

The Daily Show has responded to Bob Novak's criticism of The Daily Show with a scorching indictment of Novak's professionalism and his public personality by host Jon Stewart.

On a recent broadcast of C-SPAN's Washington Journal, Novak described Jon Stewart as "a self-riotous comedian taking on airs of grandeur." Novak admits he's never seen the show.

Stewart seems to hold back nothing in severely mocking Bob Novak. Stewart looks into the camera, as if speaking directly to Bob Novak and says, "I know you have redeeming qualities. For example, when you're on television you let others shine. While you, generously, absorb all light and oxygen. When you leave an area it stops raining. And I know, in the past I referred to you as a 'douche bag'..."

Novak may not ever get to hear Stewart's commentary. "I've never seen that in my life," he insists, "and I'll go to my grave never having seen it."


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