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Tricycle Driver Arrested for Persuading People to Quit Chinese Communist Party

Ny Lin Yu / Minghui Net| September 18 2006

Falun Gong practitioner Wang Yuzhu, who is also a tri-cycle driver in Panjin City of Liaoning Province, has been locked up secretly at the Yingbin Police Substation in Panjin City for almost one month now for persuading people to take part in the 'three withdrawals' [from the CCP and related organizations]. Yingbin Police Substation confirmed to the Dajiyuan newspaper yesterday that they locked up Wang Yuzhu, but they refused to reveal any further details. On August 16, 2006, Wang Yuzhu was arrested and locked up when she was driving passengers to the Panjin City Shengtai Garden. Wang Yuzhu usually persuaded her passengers to 'San Tui' (that is, to quit from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers). She also gave away documents regarding 'San Tui'. Doing so, she was reported by a security guard of the area and arrested by the Yingbin Police Substation. Since then, Wang Yuzhu has been locked up in a garage of the Yingbin Police Substation.

According to news from Minghui.org, Wang Yuzhu has been suffering severely while being locked up. A couple of days ago, when Wang Yuzhu's families went to the Yingbin Police Substation to ask police to set Ms. Wang free, Liu Yuliang, who is the head of the police substation, refused to let her go and even asked for 50 yuan (US$ 6) a day for food expenses.

When the reporter called the Yingbin Police Substation to confirm the news, the policeman who was on duty there admitted that Wang Yuzhu is locked up there but he refused to reveal any other details and also told the reporter "if you have time, come by here to see for yourself", and then he hung up the phone.


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