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Mike Rivero On The Taco Haters

Whatreallyhappened.com | September 14 2006

America: Freedom to Fascism New Theater Openings

Check out the comments after the article itself. Note the "poo poo" comments by repeated poster Mark, then consider the following.
Let us say that there are two restaurants on your town, one serving pizza and the other serving tacos. The people who like tacos go to the taco place, the people who do NOT like tacos go to the pizza place.

But do you ever see a pizza lover hang out in the taco place insulting the taco eaters? If you saw such a person, would you not wonder if they were deranged and needed some time in a room with rubber wallpaper?

Because that's what people like Mark are doing. Clearly, he does not agree with the people who like tacos. So he spends his time hanging out where tacos are sold, and note that he doesn't actually talk about the tacos and what is in them and why it might be bad for you, but merely hurls personal attacks on anyone who could even look at a taco?

Does this sound like the behavior of a reasonable human being?

Or does it make more sense to suggest that Mark's ad hominem attack on taco eaters is more understandable if in fact he works for the pizza place?

Because one thing is clear, Mark is not a real student of economics, or he would not have made that asinine comment about wealth protection during a time when the Federal Reserve has stopped publishing the M3 aggregate.


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