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No Planes Theory: R.I.P.

George Washington Blog | September 13 2006

Those who argue that there were no planes which crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11 say that "computer generated imagery" (CGI) was used to insert fake video images of planes. However, these folks are forgetting something: there are numerous eyewitness reports of people who heard the planes.

In other words, for the no planes theory to be true, not only would CGI have had to be inserted in live videocamera feeds, and all of the witnesses who saw the planes be disinfo agents, but some sort of high-tech flying sound generator would have had to be used to fake the moving sounds of planes flying into the buildings.

Here are some of the earwitness accounts:

"LT. BOB LAROCCO, FIREFIGHTER, LADDER 9: We all heard a plane that sounded like it was in trouble. So everyone stopped what they were doing. I kind of thought to myself that it was headed toward Newark Airport. I didn't think much of it. And then I heard a dull thud. I kind of stopped in my tracks and stopped for a second, and said, nah. People started running out of the stores on Second Avenue there. They were saying, oh, God, oh, God, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center."

"[Deputy Fire Chief] Hayden: I was continuing on. I worked the night before. I was in my office when I heard a plane coming in low."

"Battalion Chief Joseph Pfiefer said, 'We heard a very loud plane, which you never hear in Manhattan. We all look up and see this commercial airline flying very low. We follow it and it goes right into the Trade Center. You could see it didn't veer off. It appeared to aim at the Trade Center smashed into the upper floors. Created a big fireball and then disappeared into the building. I transmitted a second alarm...20 seconds after that I transmitted a third alarm.'"

Jazz legend Sonny Rollins: "I heard this plane flying in kind of low. Then I heard, “Pow!” I pulled out this old black-and-white television set. I got it working, and then I saw the second plane come into the other tower."

"Toby O’Berry [who worked for Morgan Stanley in the Twin Towers] . . . looked up toward the burning tower and the people leaping from it, then heard a plane rumbling across the picture-perfect blue Manhattan sky.
And then he ran. Then he heard a rumbling sound. He looked up and saw a plane smash into the south tower. All my co-workers, they’re all dead, Toby thought. Then he turned and ran, shaking people out of their stupor along the way."

Julie Williams, who worked in WTC2, said "We stepped out of the building walked not 8 feet and I heard another plane and I turned around and I saw the 2nd plane as it hit my building."

"I had taken the Path train to the WTC and stopped at a newsstand on my way out of the building to see if they had a magazine that I was looking for . . . . I had just passed Century21 this giant discount department store on the corner when I heard the loudest plane that I had ever heard. I stuck my fingers in my ears. Then I heard a high pitch whine like when a bomb drops. Then the impact - BAM!"

Worker in the Twin Towers said, "In my jog north I heard the second plane hit . . . ."

"Everyone at the marina was out on the docks, discussing what had happened. Had the plane lost control? Then we heard another plane almost directly overhead. It was awfully low, and I said "What, is he going in for a closer look?" Then the second plane crashed into the side of the south tower. A fireball shot out both sides of the building and you could see parts of the building falling over the city."

"Bill Continelli was in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. He was south of the World Trade Center and heard the 2nd plane as it flew over and slammed into Tower #2."

"Standing 2 1/2 blocks away from the WTC, staring up, looking at the ball of fire in the first tower. Frozen. Paralyzed....watching charred fax papers drift down gently on the breeze. I heard the 2nd plane approaching and ran."

"It was before 9 a.m. when I heard this plane overhead...in central NJ, we're always in somebody's flight path because of the proximity to Newark Airport. This plane was loud, and I mean LOUD, shaking the house and everything in it. It sounded like it was going to land on my roof. I looked out the window, but the plane had zipped by. About 10 minutes later, my boyfriend called and told me to turn on the news...and that's how I found out."

New York based Australian author, Peter Carey, said "We’re in this little street on the corner of 6th Avenue and Houston Street, you could see down there to the World Trade Center, and I heard that plane come overhead, and it was very low . . . ."

As soon as I heard the plane hit, I grabbed my camera and walked out on Greenwich St.

"They heard a plane."

"Then I heard another plane hit."

"Early this morning around 9 am, I heard the sound of a low flying airplane. It was so loud my immediate thought was that it was a terrorist or a plane that would land on our rooftop in Greenwich Village."

"As he walked across the courtyard, he looked up to see first tower ablaze and minutes later heard a roar and saw the second plane strike".
http://www.nd.edu/~ndmag/w2001-02/9-11survive.html (James Calcagnini)

"Exiting the station, he heard the second plane hit." http://www.nd.edu/~ndmag/w2001-02/9-11survive.html (James W. Flood)

"I saw and heard the first plane as it passed over my head."

"Mar was in the shower and I was working at my desk. I heard a plane, large, slow, and way too low, and then the unmistakable crash. "A plane crashed. I heard it. I'm going out to see". I grabbed my camera and ran out of the house."

"We had gotten to approximately point C on the picture, walking along the water, when both Rachel and I heard a plane. Looking over the southern tip of Manhatten, we could see the United jet roaring in, just skimming the tops of the buildings. Normally, when you see a jet that close, it is taking off or landing and is moving relatively slowly. This one was at full throttle. I remember yelling something like "What's he doing there?" but it went quickly behind us and was blocked from view by the buildings along the water. We didn't see the impact, but we could hear it and feel it."

5 years ago today, I was jarred out of bed by the sound of a jet airliner crashing into the World Trade Center - six short blocks from my Manhattan apartment. . . .
When the 2nd plane hit, I was standing in my living room, watching the television. We heard the plane collide with the building first, and then saw it on TV."

"On the morning of Sept. 11, as I prepared to leave for work, I heard a plane roar over our building, followed by a horrible echoing boom."

"Before the first blast, staff on the streets around Trinity heard what to some sounded like military jets carrying out a low flypast before hearing the blast."

"State Superintendent of New York works two miles from the World Trade Center. He testified of his mother’s deliverance from the area when the crash happened. “My mother got off the subway train about 9:00, and the World Trade Center was burning at the top”, recounts Diaz. “The people in the area said that it was a accidental airplane crash, so everyone carried on as usual, buying breakfast, etc. Suddenly, she heard a plane engine coming, and the people starting screaming and running, and she with them. She ran to the park. The plane then went directly into the building."

"Something hit one of the trade center towers. I was on the phone with my wife listening to her telling me to leave the city and come home, when the second plane flew past our building and crashed into the second tower. This time we all heard the plane hit and we felt the blast."

No plane theory: R.I.P.

This list of eyewitness accounts is by no means comprehensive. There are HUNDREDS of similiar reports. If you want to find additional accounts, use the following search, and start on page 17 of the Google results: http://www.google.com/search?q=9/11+%22heard+*+plane%22+%22


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