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Indian Army to acquire Israeli air defense system

INDIADEFENCE | September 10 2006

Indian Army is all set to acquire the Israeli quick-reaction Spyder air defence system which would enhance the capability to overcome the vulnerability of its formations to threats from the air, officials said in New Delhi.

The army has finalised plans to acquire four regiments of the Spyder systems equipped with Derby surface-to-air radar guided missiles and Python-5 infra-red missiles from Israel's Rafael armament company.

The army, according to the sources, has finalised the contract and the deal worth about Rs 1,100 crore is awaiting the approval of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS).

The Spyder systems will be mounted on indigenous Tatra trucks and replace the army's Russian-made OSA-AKM and Strela-10M missile systems.

The road-mobile Spyder system was developed by Rafael along with the MBT missile division and ELTA radar division. It is capable of countering threats from helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and precision guided munitions.

The system can target aerial threats from one km to 35 km away. A Spyder squadron consists of a mobile command-and- control centre and four mobile firing units, each carrying up to six missiles.

The system is equipped with an EL-M-2106 ATAR 3-D surveillance radar and two operating stations. The radar can simultaneously track up to 60 targets. (MORE)

The Python-5 missile has an imaging infra-red seeker that gives it increased detection range, improved target discrimination against background clutter and a lower false target acquisition rate.

The system has a medium range active radar-guided missile which incorporates programmable ECCM equipment and operates in the lock-on-before-launch mode for short range targets and lock-on-after-launch mode for medium range targets.

Army officials said the existing Russian surface-to-air missile systems would not be phased out and would be used for some more time.


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