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Possibly Murdered Qigong Master Disclosed CCP Military Secrets

Wen Hua / Epoch Times | September 7 2006

Mr. Zhang Hongbao, the founder of Zhong Gong, which was at one time extremely popular in mainland China, died in a suspicious car accident in the United States on July 31.

On September 3, the International Zhong Gong Headquarters Inc. announced the establishment of the "Investigative Committee to Examine Zhang Hongbao's accident" to investigate the real reason behind the unusual accident causing his death.

The committee issued an announcement, which listed a series of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s attempts to "assassinate, slander and frame" Zhang Hongbao. The rport claimed that "only by removing Zhang Hongbao, could the CCP's anxiety be relieved." The focus of their investigation directly targets the CCP.

The Investigative Committee's Announcement
According to Zhong Gong's Tianhua Culture website, the Chinese Communist regime was always worried that the Chinese qigong (exercise and meditation) practice Yangsheng Yizhi Gong (abbreviated to Zhong Gong) would turn into the largest opposition party in China. The CCP "worries much about Zhang Hongbao, who has the ability to mobilize many people, transforming into a political leader, so it has left no stone unturned in trying to find a way to extradite and execute Zhang. Only by removing Zhang Hongbao, could the Zhong Gong organization be disintegrated, and the CCP's worry be eliminated."

The announcement also stated, "Before 1999, the CCP had conducted seven covert attacks and one assassination attempt on Zhang Hongbao. In 2000, when Zhang came to the United States to seek moral support and political asylum, the CCP falsely accused Zhang of crimes, causing Zhang to be detained in a Guam prison for 444 days. The CCP's political persecution on Zhang did not end after Zhang obtained political asylum in the United States and arrived in Washington D.C. in 2001. Afterwards, Zhang again encountered house arrest and entrapment.

Starting from March 15, 2003, while Zhang Hongbao was preparing to start up a shadow government to restrain the CCP's despotic regime, Zhang was called to court to answer five serious charges including suspected kidnapping, and was then hit with 40 lawsuits. Zhang fell victim to the CCP's political persecution entitled the "9-11 beheading action", which was designed by the CCP's spies in the United States to use the U.S.'s "Patriot Act" laws to extradite Zhang to China so that he could be executed there.

On February 28, 2006, Zhang won a criminal case, and soon other lawsuits against him were lost or were withdrawn one after another. Only one civil case and a labor compensation case remained. Just as the "9-11 beheading action" was about to completely fail, and the series of lawsuits was about to entirely vanish, and there seemed to be some hope, Zhang Hongbao died in a strange car accident.

The investigation committee is determined to "thoroughly investigate the truth and background behind Zhang Hongbao's accident, to console Zhang's soul of the deceased".

The CCP's Three Lethal Weapons
After Zhang met with his accident, an article Zhang wrote in February of 2005 entitled "CCP's Post-Nuclear Super Weapons and its Geostrategic Goal" has been spreading widely among Internet surfers. Zhang was once a senior consultant for the CCP's armed forces, and he disclosed many military secrets in this article.

Zhang stated in this article that the CCP has three highly-destructive weapons set to terrorize the world. The first are the space-based post-nuclear super weapon—large-scale outer space power outage technology. The second are the geological post-nuclear super weapons—man-made earthquakes and tsunamis. And the third are human post-nuclear super weapons?supernatural abilities applied to military affairs.

On August 14, 2003, a broad zone that covered the Midwestern United States, the Northeastern United States as well as southern Canada suffered a simultaneous power-outage. Within one and a half months, loyal allies of the United States, Britain, Italy and other European countries also suffered from large-scale blackouts of unknown causes.

Based on the information Zhang Hongbao obtained and also his conjectures based on speeches given by Zhang Wannian, the deputy chairman of Central Military Committee of the CCP and Xiong Guangkai, the deputy-general-in-chief of the People's Liberation Army (PLA,) Zhang concluded that the above power-outages could be the outcome of the testing from the CCP who launched high-energy microwave weapons into orbit in space, targeting the United States. If a power outage were to last for a week, all the vehicles relying on petroleum would run of fuel. If the power outage lasted for half a month, some people would die of starvation and freezing. If the power outage lasted for a month, over half of the population would die of starvation and cold. If the situation still continued, the death toll would increase significantly; eventually it could lead to the complete collapse of the United States.

While discussing the second lethal weapon, Zhang Hongbao gave an example that one time Jiang Zemin accidentally divulged a top secret. Jiang claimed, "In the last resort there will be an earthquake." Then Zhang analyzed the 7.6-Richter-scale earthquake in Nantou County, Taiwan on September 21, 1999, the earthquake in New Jersey, the United States in 2002, the one in Niigata, Japan on October 23, 2004, as well as the Tsunami that hit South Asia in December 2004. Zhang thought all these were man-made earthquakes and tsunamis created by the CCP.

For instance, after analyzing the abnormalities in Taiwan 9.21-magnitude earthquake, Zhang Hongbao said, "At the time, the two sides were having an extremely heated debate over Lee Tung-hui's proposition of 'one country; two systems' and it looked like a war was on the verge of breaking out. However, in the face of a world-shaking earthquake, both sides were muted. Not long after, people saw that Jiang Zemin held a grand troop review ceremony, to make a show of China's strength to the whole world. He was insufferably arrogant."

New Jersey is not on an earthquake zone; therefore, any seismic activity there is very strange. Besides, there were no warning signs at all. New Jersey is about a two-and-half-hour drive from the nations's political center, Washington D.C., almost same distance from Nantou County to Taipei, the political center of Taiwan. Further, the earthquake happened in Taiwan during a period of the political tension across the Taiwan straight; similarly, prior to the New Jersey earthquake, the relationship between the United States and China was also tense.

The South Asia Tsunami on December 26, 2004 was also very strange. Zhang Hongbao analyzed that the tsunami destroyed the main constructions in the Malacca Straight, a strategic thoroughfare. Not only had it removed all threats India could use against China, more importantly, it gave China one more safety assurance in a future China-US battle.

Zhang Hongbao also reminded the readers, "The tsunami happened on December 26. This is the birthday of Mao Zedong, the head of the CCP. Did this happen coincidently? Or did the inheritors of Mao use this method to console their former leader?

In terms of the final lethal weapon, Zhang Hongbao listed experiments on supernatural abilities that were publicly tested and proven. He also gave out a series of pictures to prove the existence of extraordinary abilities and the power of the magic arts.

Zhang Hongbao also described the current projects which have been researched and developed and which can be applied militarily:

developing to observe enemy troops outside of the range of vision;

honing the ability to discern the thoughts, plans and intentions of an enemies highest leaders;

developing the ability to physiologically disturb opposing generals, to raise pulse an d blood pressure, creat confusion and impair their mental function.
Further, the use of telekinesis to assassinate crucial enemy figures is also under development. People who can develop the ability to remotely start fires, insert steel needles, or use a variety of other methods were are being sought and trained in these capacities.


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