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Talk Show Host Predicted 9/11 in July of 2001

9/11 Blogger | September 7 2006

Here's an email I'm sending out to my contacts, please consider doing the same. Use the following, doctor it up as you wish, and send it out to your contact list. Alternatively, visit our Call to Action thread for additional example letters along with thousands of email addresses for the media, left gatekeepers, and story submission pages.

Take a few minutes if you could and send out a couple hundred truth bombs:

Radio talk show host Alex Jones predicts an unprecedented terrorist attack on U.S. soil two months before the events of 9/11. View his explosive prediction here:


Why is this so important? Alex Jones has predicted a NEW terrorist attack, this time to occur before the end of October, 2006:


This is an open letter to all members of the media, congress, military, and anyone else in areas of influence.

The war in Iran... the North American Union... the NAFTA Super Highway...

All of this and much more will be justified and implemented as a result of the next false flag terrorist attack unless we make every effort to stop it.

According to recent polls, 36% of Americans feel that federal officials either participated in or allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur and 42% of Americans believe the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence which contradicts the official story of 9/11. Furthermore, members of the Veterans, Scholars, and Pilots for 9/11 Truth believe 9/11 was an Inside Job to justify a massive resource grab in the middle east disguised as the "war on terror".

And so do I. The true perpetrators of these crimes need to know that if and when another attack does occur, I will NOT be fooled again, and neither will tens of millions of others. The time is now to put an end to the state sponsored terrorist attacks used by the corporate elite to influence and control our every move. The opposition to this nonsense has never been stronger.

These are serious issues, and choosing to dismiss them soley as the propaganda technique known as "conspiracy theory" is irresponsible at best. Those that report the news, work for us in congress, or swear to protect their country and citizens in the military are obligated to expose these facts to the general masses. Those in positions of influence who choose to remain willfully ignorant regarding this topic will have the next terrorist attacks on their heads.


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