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Galloway, Fisk, Hersh: Azzam’s Favorite Infidels

Kurt Nimmo | September 5 2006

It should come as no surprise Adam Gadahn, “Azzam the American,” an obvious intelligence plant, would mention Seymour Hersh, George Galloway, and Robert Fisk, even though they are infidels, the same way the dead Osama mentioned William Blum on a previous occasion.

It makes perfect sense because all three are particularly effective in documenting the machinations of the neocons and thus need to be linked to “al-Qaeda,” especially Galloway who is especially vociferous and has effectively resisted all efforts to slander him, including successfully suing the Daily Telegraph for defamatory remarks (the Daily Telegraph attempted, rather feebly, to link Galloway to Iraqi intelligence and Saddam Hussein, a dismal effort that cost the newspaper, formerly owned by the neocon Conrad Black, £150,000 in damages plus costs estimated to total £1.2 million).

Azzam’s CIA scriptwriters wrote the following:

“Why not surrender to the truth? Escape from the unbelieving army and join the winning side. As for those who have expressed their respect and admiration for Islam, and acknowledged that it is the truth and demonstrated the support and sympathy for the Muslims and their causes like George Galloway, Robert Fisk, and countless others, I say to them, isn’t it time you stopped sitting on the fence and came over to the side of truth?…. Abandon unbelief and accept the truth.”

It should also come as no surprise the rabid, Muslim-hating neocon Daniel Pipes has made mention of Adam Gadahn’s favorite infidels on his blog, although he adds it as a postscript, of sorts. Of course, the mention is intended, while not exactly saying so, to link Galloway, Fisk, and Hersh to the enemy, as it stands to reason anybody, especially those of prominence, who criticize Bush, the perfidious neocons, and the “clash of civilizations” forever war are “appeasers” of fascism, never mind the real fascists are in the Pentagon, the Oval Office, and the corporate suites.

Of course, it also makes sense for Pipes to add such a postscript, as Azzam the CIA operative mentioned him, as well as Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, and Michael Scheuer as enemies. Call it more “us versus them” rhetoric by way of al-CIA-duh.

Not to be left in the dust, concentration camp apologist Michelle Malkin made sure to note Azzam’s inclusion, as did Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily.


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