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If Arabs ‘out-do’ Nazis, the ADL out-does both

The Truth Will Set You Free | September 5 2006

The ADL never lets up. If, as they say, Arab propaganda out-does the Nazis, then the ADL out-does both Arabs and the Nazis put together.
"The Arab press has outdone Hitler's propaganda," Anti-Defamation League National director Abraham Foxman said Monday, noting that "a grotesque propaganda war which has reached a new dimension" had emerged from the war in Lebanon.

Foxman, speaking at an ADL press conference in Jerusalem, said the anti-Semitic material in the Arab press frequently depicts Israeli control over the UN, an irony noted by Foxman, who pointed to the UN support of Arab causes, particularly in the UN Human Rights Council.

Over 100 incidents of anti-Semitism have been triggered by the war in Lebanon, Foxman said, and while there had been an increase in the US and Europe, the situation was not nearly as serious as in the Arab world.
Nevermind the tiny little fact that Israel recently bombed an Arab nation back to the stone ages, killing thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands, and that it continues, to this day, to brutally slaughter hundreds of Palestinians, merely because they exist on a land Israelis covet for themselves.

These are just distractions that Arabs bring upon themselves to garner sympathy from the rest of the world and to justify their evil cartoon depictions of Israeli brutality that they use to increase anti-semitism throughout the world.

What a load of dung.
"Conflict in the Middle East legitimizes anti-Semitic actions worldwide," explained the ADL director. However, he noted that "if you over hype specific incidents, such as the attack in Seattle, the anti-Semites win because people will stop going to Jewish centers and institutions - it's a delicate balance."
That's just precious - Abe Foxman, of all people, lecturing on how not to over-do it.
Commenting on Germany's potential role as part of the UN peacekeeping force, Foxman said that its participation "is still an issue."

"The fact that one still needs to struggle with the issue is important, but at the end of the day I would like to see the Germans as peacekeepers," Foxman said. He added that "it is important that there is an element of historical trauma. Jews and Germans will always have that shadow of history, but it's healthy."
How racist and intolerant - for him to infer that somehow Germans are incapable of being peacekeepers, as if they are genetically inclined to persecute Jews.

It's not only preposterous, it's outrageous - that he can stand there and suggest that Germans must eternally live in the shadow of events that happened decades ago. Then he has the nerve to call it 'healthy.'

Healthy for WHO??? The Germans who are forever stigmatized for conduct they did not personally commit? Or, for Jews who forever get to reap the rewards of their legacy of victimhood?


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