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Bill Cowan Says 1,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed in August - Good News

News Hounds | September 4 2006

Since there was an estimated 6,000 civilians killed in Iraq in June and July, Bill Cowan, Fox Miltary expert said that with 1,000 dead in August that this was "good news."

Cowan gave his "good news" scenerio today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith.

Though Cowan always seems to beat the Bush administration's drum when it comes to the war in Iraq, he did admit that he thought that Iraq was right "on the brink" of civil war.

The segment went on about another #2 Al Qaeda in Iraq suspect being apprehended.

Comment: No matter which way I look at it, 1,000 people being killed is not good news. Yes it's down over June and July but 1,000 people dead is horrific, nonetheless. And how many times is it that we've arrested the #2 Al Qaeda in Iraq suspect? I've stopped counting.


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