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Coming Close to a Breakthrough on 9-11?

It's Worth A Mention | September 3 2006

It appears the government is really starting to run scared about 9/11 now.

All kinds of counter claims are starting to appear in the MSM trying to rebuke the 9/11 'Conspiracy Theories'.

They haven't said anything new and they haven't done anything to prove or demonstrate their point that physical laws can be altered.

I have stated before that physical and natural law cannot be altered. It can only be enhanced and any counter physical force applied to change the end result would still have to follow the original physical laws as 'PHYSICAL LAWS CANNOT BE ALTERED'!

The US government made it very hard to counter their findings by eliminating the evidence before any forensics could be applied. Their rhetoric is not actually aimed at 9/11 truthseekers because they know that a truthseeker will investigate and research anything they put out there.

It's aimed at the dimwits who still consider the MSM as the only source of current events. It's aimed at the great unwashed who still believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It's aimed at the dummies who may have started to question the official lie but who are still too lazy or ignorant to investigate or research on their own.

It buys the government time until they can effectively shut down any and all other sources of truth.

That's what the government is feverishly working on. If we let them, they will succeed.

As I wrote in an article, 'you will believe'. You will believe what the MSM says as they will then be your only source of information. You will believe that the events of 9/11, all of them, happened just as the government says. Of course, there will be no way to prove them wrong besides your own senses. That will not be an option.

I stated in '9/11 for Dummies' that you don't require Physicists and scientists of varying disciplines to tell you what really happened on 9/11/2001 but we might need them to prove it.

I propose that the government assemble their best and 9/11 Scholars for truth assemble their best.

Let them meet on a mainstream special report without interference from moderators, commercials or anything or anyone else. No Alex Jones, no Mike Rivero, no Jeff Rense, no brain damaged president and, most of all, no assassins, no CIA, NO NOTHING!

Allow them to all present their science and prove their hypotheses or theories. Note I said 'prove'.

I would love to see the government show, scientifically, how all of the anomalies they are calling natural under the circumstaces, occurred as I cannot believe any of it. I believe that Professor Jones and his panel will shred them to pieces but, they are all claiming to be scientists. Prove it!

Show, without question, how WTC 7 fell into its own foundation, in 7 seconds, as a result of fire and minimal damage. Prove that the North and South Towers, both, could fall exactly the same way when, although both were hit by an aircraft, there were different logistics and physics. Just like no two fingerprints are supposed to be the same, the physics of the two buildings could not be the same and yet, they both fell the same.

Explain and prove the events of the 3 trade towers in New York.

We can get to flight 93 and the Pentagon when the criminals responsible for the events of 9/11 are placed under arrest and set for trial.


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