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General Peter Pace and His Dumb Bombs

Kurt Nimmo | October 25 2006

First, General Peter Pace, current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sec. Offense Donald Rumsfeld receives his marching orders from God, and now he declares the United States military “could defeat any enemy with overwhelming power,” never mind a few thousand moth-eaten “insurgents” with homemade bombs have brought Pace’s vaunted military to a stand still in Iraq. “But none of our potential enemies should miscalculate the capacity of this nation to generate overwhelming combat power, tomorrow, to defend our national interests,” or, in the case of Iraq, the combined interests of Israel and a brood of military contractors.

It is said the neocons shape their own reality, apparently at the expense of the alternate reality the rest of the world experiences, and thus the stalemate in Iraq is considered a victory, or maybe “mission accomplished” in slow motion. Regardless, the idea is not to realize a decisive win against impossible odds—and, indeed, decisively defeating a determined resistance, short of vaporizing them with nukes, is an impossibility—but rather to reduce Iraq to a smoldering cauldron of simmering ethnic, religious, and tribal hatred. As we know, if we read the news, this project is moving ahead swimmingly.

Even so, General Pace wants us to know, with our malefic death technology, we have the ability to smash any enemy, that is if we take off the gloves. “It would be more brute force, wherever we might have to go next, than it would be if we weren’t already involved in the war we have going on in Iraq or Afghanistan,” averred the general. Naturally, the neocons have a big list of places they want to use this “brute force” next, beginning with Iran, then Syria, and eventually all the other Muslims and Arabs in Israel’s neighborhood.

Since the United States has “obligations” in Iraq and Afghanistan, the former at least until 2010, and likely much longer, considering the massive military bases under construction, “wherever we might have to go next” will require a bit less precision, that is to say “dumb bombs” will be used. “You would end up not having all of the precision weapons that you might otherwise have going into a second theater, wherever it might happen to be, and therefore you would end up using more dumb bombs, so to speak, more brute force, than you would otherwise,” Pace mused. “So you end up with more collateral damage. You end up more like a World War II, Korean War campaign than you would sitting at home waiting with the war not going on.”

For the neocons, this would be like Christmas in July, for they are salivating over the prospect of another world war, a “campaign” requiring millions of conscripts, or bullet stoppers, slaves for the neocon Grand Design of perpetual war, a full-blown realization of the “clash of civilizations.” Our rulers promise this “campaign” will last a few generations, maybe more than a hundred years, and who knows, they may even require the servitude of old geezers such as your humble blogger, as all of us will be expected to pull our weight, not necessarily on far-flung battlefields, but right here amidst the homeland, maybe snooping on miscreants or handing out food ration tickets.

More than likely, of course, I will disappear into one of those spanking new KBR concentration camps, or simply be dispatched in standard fascist fashion, as I have a long and sordid history of opposing the government, beginning in 1970 when Nixon attempted to feed me into his Indochinese human meat grinder. In our brave New Neocon World, I may very well become a transitive verb.

At any rate, General Pace seems to be talking about North Korea. “It would not be as clean as we would like it to be. But it would certainly be sure. And the outcome would not be in doubt.” In other words, a lot of civilians, as the military likes to call us, the guys who pay the salaries and make the sacrifices, will perish, and thanks to the dumb aspect of this perishment, there will be a lot of unclean “collateral damage,” that is to say hospitals, nurseries, apartment blocks, historical sites, churches, water treatment plants, et cetera, will suffer the inexactitude of “dumb bombs” and the like, although, of course, it will “certainly be sure.”

Naturally, if the neocons do indeed attack North Korea—an unlikely prospect, but then we’re talking about neocon madmen here, already responsible for the murder of around 600,000 Iraqis—”North Korea will retaliate with weapons of mass destruction: North Korea will mount strategic nuclear attacks on the US targets. The US war planners know this and have drawn up their own nuclear war plan. In a nuclear exchange, there is no front or rear areas, no defensive positions or attack formations as in conventional warfare. Nuclear weapons are offensive weapons and there is no defense against nuclear attacks except retaliatory nuclear attacks. For this reason, North Korea’s war plan is offensive in nature: North Korea’s war plan goes beyond repulsing US attackers and calls for destruction of the United States,” writes Han Ho Suk of the Center for Korean Affairs.

In that case, if I survive—and, residing in New Mexico, I am a lot closer to North Korea than General Pace, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense, all back in Washington—I may be “requisitioned,” per military policy, to clean up the resultant mess.

That is, before I keel over from radiation sickness.


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