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Dick Armey Admits Bush Was For Staying The Course Before He Was Against It

News Hounds | October 24 2006

In a discussion about the upcoming election, Alan Colmes said to former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, “I think this is more about the War on Terror and how it’s being fought in Iraq than almost anything else and polls bear that out.” Colmes then played, a clip of President Bush saying “We’ve never been stay the course.” That was followed by clips of Bush saying we’re going to stay the course three times. With video.

Colmes continued, “So I guess he was going to stay the course before he wasn’t going to stay the course, right, Dick?”

Armey laughed sheepishly. “Well, yeah, I don’t quite understand that. I think he’s been saying stay the course… I’m not sure the line is serving the president well right now.”

Colmes turned to “Democratic Strategist” Laura Schwartz, who – incredibly – seemed stymied for something to add. She pointed out that previously Bush was going to listen to his generals. But then she lamely added, “This is a message game. It’s a word game.” Oh, come on. Can’t you comment on “cut and run?” Point out that maybe John Murtha was right?


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