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While Baghdad Burns, Bush Buys

The Truth Will Set You Free Blog | October 23 2006

Wayne Madsen doesn't name his sources (because they're secret!), but his information usually sounds credible. This report certainly does:

WMR's Paraguayan sources have confirmed that George W. Bush recently bought 42,000 hectares (over 100,000 acres) of land in Paraguay's northern "Chaco" region. The land sits atop huge natural gas reserves, according to sources in Asuncion. Moreover, the land deal was consummated in a dinner meeting between Bush's daughter Jenna and Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte. Although Jenna, who was in Paraguay under the cover of a 10-day UNICEF trip to visit child welfare projects, put the Bush family seal of approval on the land deal, the actual legal papers were worked out by Bush family lawyers and business
representatives. Jenna Bush is supposedly working for UNICEF in Panama City.

The Bush land is close to a new U.S. military installation, the Mariscal
Estigarribia Air Base. It is also nearby a huge tract of land purchased by Sun Myung Moon that sits astride Latin America's largest water aquifer, the Guarani aquifer

Isn't that cute! Little Jenna gets to represent the President of the United States in a private land purchase from a foreign country that will net him hundreds of millions on his retirement.

According to earlier Madsen reports, Bush and the Carlyle Group are also the owners of major tracts of land along the proposed US super-highway linking Mexico and Canada, land that will be worth more hundreds of millions when the highway is completed.

Comparisons to Nero fiddling while Rome burned dont even begin to convey the greed and cynicism of this 21st century American emperor!


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